Thursday, December 13, 2012

Be organized

I'm working on my 10th and 11th apps. They are available in App Store very soon, hopeful by this Christmas.

 A few days ago, I was thinking of a way to organize all the apps on my iPad. Previously all my developed apps, pre-installed and other downloaded apps were mixed together on the screen pages. It was really not convenient for me to find the one when I need it.

 I started searching the articles about organizing apps. I was surprised that it was fun to create new folders and categorize my apps.

 Here are the brief steps:

 (1) Press your finger on the app you want to create a folder for, and hold it for one second, all the app icons are shaking and a "Delete" icon is showed on top left of each app icon.

For example, when I pressed the app "1stGradeHFW", its icon was showed as follows.

(2) I wanted the above two apps "1stGradeHFW" and "CHMath" are in the same folder. I dragged one app on top of another, a new folder was showed as follows:

(3) I tapped the Folder name and changed it to "My App Store". See the screenshot below:

(4) I moved all my developed apps to this folder by dragging and dropping. Now they are separated from my other apps. A screenshot for my new folder "My App Store":

By the way, my iOS got upgraded from 5 to 6, and I am getting familiar with it.  :-)

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