Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chinese Flashcards - set 1

I'm working on updating my Chinese Flashcards app. Its new name is Chinese Flashcards - set 1.

Hopefully it is available in early January due to the holiday break of iTune Connect ( Dec. 21 - 28).

The 200 unique characters will be presented by sub-unit, category.  And a special Idiom module is also introduced. Some other features will be added too.

Please drop me a line if you would like to install it with a promotional code before it can be downloaded from App Store.

Here is a new screenshot:

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chinese Opposites

This book app introduces 16 simple opposites in Chinese. They were selected from the 200 unique characters in my Chinese flash cards app (simplified version).

In each book page, the two Chinese characters can be tapped for their pronunciations. A phrase card will be presented if the image on a book page is tapped, which can help young kids learn to describe the things showed in the picture.  

The kids are also welcome to learn a few more new characters from the phrase cards. 

The play module--Chinese opposites memory game encourages kids to memorize all the opposites in this book.

Enjoy reading and memorizing!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter to Santa - A kid Chinese learning book

Your kids are going to learn how to write a letter to Santa in Chinese from this book app. Simply tapping the picture of the little girl (Lele) or the little boy (Ningning), your kids can read their letters to Santa. 

In Play module, the Bingo games encourage kids to recognize the four Chinese phrases related to Christmas ( Santa,  Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas wishes). The Memory games help kids memorize 6 unique characters used in the above 4 phrases. 

All the characters used in the Play module are also introduced in flashcard format (pinyin, English, usage info) for further reviewing.

Have fun in your holiday Chinese learning adventure!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Be organized

I'm working on my 10th and 11th apps. They are available in App Store very soon, hopeful by this Christmas.

 A few days ago, I was thinking of a way to organize all the apps on my iPad. Previously all my developed apps, pre-installed and other downloaded apps were mixed together on the screen pages. It was really not convenient for me to find the one when I need it.

 I started searching the articles about organizing apps. I was surprised that it was fun to create new folders and categorize my apps.

 Here are the brief steps:

 (1) Press your finger on the app you want to create a folder for, and hold it for one second, all the app icons are shaking and a "Delete" icon is showed on top left of each app icon.

For example, when I pressed the app "1stGradeHFW", its icon was showed as follows.

(2) I wanted the above two apps "1stGradeHFW" and "CHMath" are in the same folder. I dragged one app on top of another, a new folder was showed as follows:

(3) I tapped the Folder name and changed it to "My App Store". See the screenshot below:

(4) I moved all my developed apps to this folder by dragging and dropping. Now they are separated from my other apps. A screenshot for my new folder "My App Store":

By the way, my iOS got upgraded from 5 to 6, and I am getting familiar with it.  :-)