Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CH Flashcards

Free for a week!

Memorizing Chinese characters can be fun. Parents and kids can learn and review these characters together anywhere when they are convenient.

 Each flash card includes 8 unique characters, and a sound clip. Each unit includes 5 flash cards.

 There are two colors available for your princesses and princes.

 Have fun in learning Chinese together!


  1. Thank you for the mention of CH flashcard. I am learning Chinese and realize that it is too difficult to remember characters. I want to share with you a small tip: Superflashcard app at: www.superflashcard.com. It has great database and well-organized, including images and sound. You can join and share flashcard with your friends, download and install it free. Try it if you want.

  2. Thanks for introducing this app. I love to develop apps to help young kids learn Chinese based on my own teaching experience. The updated version of this flashcard will be available soon.